Potato Exporter In Bangladesh

potato exporter in bangladesh

Bangladesh is a leading exporter of potatoes that are freshly produced on our farms and exported to many countries overseas. One of the prominent names in this field is Jahanara Trading Corporation. With their quality of fresh and organic farm-produced stock of potatoes, Jahanara Trading Corporation is one of the top potato exporters in Bangladesh.


Potato Export from Bangladesh


With the ever-important export-import trade sector in our economy, potato export remains one of the vital and fruitful export sectors as a source of earning our foreign currency. As potatoes are largely produced across the farms of Bangladesh and exported overseas to many countries, the overall economy substantially benefitted from the potato export field.


After Maize, Wheat and Rice, Potato is the world’s fourth largely grown crop and Bangladesh is one of the prominent suppliers in many countries around the globe. Exporting good quality potatoes to international buyers from across the globe also strengthens our national economy with the earning of foreign currency. This makes the potato exporting sector really important among other export fields, and it is consistently performing in the global market to keep our national economy flourishing.


There are numerous potato-exporting firms in Bangladesh who are offering competitive prices to foreign buyers and hence, contributing largely to our economy. Among the prominent Exporter in Bangladesh, Jahanara Trading Corporation is a long-serving potato exporter who has earned the trust of its clients over the years.


Best Potato Exporter in Bangladesh


As a leading name in the potato exporting sector, Jahanara Trading Corporation has been satisfying customers from the global market with the best stock of freshly produced potatoes from Bangladesh. Their quality choice of organic and farm-fresh potatoes is widely appraised among foreign clients and buyers.


Collected directly from the farms of different districts of Bangladesh, Jahanara Trading Corporation prioritizes the best quality of potatoes to satisfy their customers. In the international market where the quality and condition of all exported items have to be top notch and up to the mark, Jahanara Trading Corporation has excelled brilliantly with their best quality potato stock.


Available Shapes of Potatoes


Largely collected from the best farms of Shibgonj, Bagura and also surrounding districts, Jahanara Trading Corporation exports a wide variety of fresh and organic potatoes that comes in round and oval shape. The potatoes are always monitored before exporting to ensure the best possible size and shape to satisfy the customers and foreign buyers.


Available Types of Potatoes


Different types of potatoes including Granola, Asterix, Diamond and Red Skin Potatoes are largely available at the Jahanara Trading Corporation which they export to many countries across the world. It is the divergent range of varieties of potatoes collected and exported by Jahanara Trading Corporation that adds to its appeal as a leading Potato Exporter in Bangladesh.


Available Quantity of Potatoes


They always have a minimum availability of at least 50 tons of potatoes per month. These potatoes can be exported as per the needs of buyers and also the packaging can be modified according to the tote requirements of the buyers. Buyers can have bags of 10/15/20/40/50 kilograms per bag of the potatoes as they would like.


Transport and Storage of Available Potatoes for Export


Jahanara Trading Corporation pays intricate attention to the overall quality and condition of their products to ensure the best possible stock of potatoes for their customers. They have been satisfying their clients from both home and abroad with their dedicated and quality services over the years, hence earning their trust in the process.


The collection, storage and transport of these potatoes are handled with strict professionalism to ensure the quality of every single product to their customers. Jahanara Trading corporation maintains the highest levels of care while handling its stock until it reaches its clients. As a reputed potato exporter in Bangladesh, Jahanara Trading Corporation promises quality in every phase of the collection and export process of their potatoes.


Direct Connection with Farmers


One of the reasons why Jahanara Trading Corporation stands out among the leading potato exporter in Bangladesh is their close and direct connection with the farmers across the best farms in the country. They are able to offer competitive prices for their products because their potato stock comes directly from the farms of Bengal to provide the best possible quality as well as fresh potatoes to all their clients.


Since there are very few intermediary steps between the production of farm fresh potatoes and the collection of those potatoes by Jahanara Trading Corporation, it becomes easy to provide reasonable and competitive prices to all the buyers while at the same time ensuring the quality of stock.


Quality, Price and Taste


The quality and prices of potatoes exported by Jahanara Trading Corporation are surely remarkably good. But above all, the taste of farm-fresh potatoes is the most attractive feature of the potatoes exported by Jahanara Trading Corporation. The well-maintained transport and storage process makes sure that the taste of the potatoes remains at their optimum state and tastes just as delicious when it reaches their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Best Potato Exporter in Bangladesh?

Among the leading names in the field of potato export from Bangladesh, Jahanara Trading Corporation stands out in the front row thanks to the amazing quality of potatoes exported as well as the reasonable deals offered.


What kinds of Potatoes are Available?

Jahanara Trading Corporation offers a wide variety of potatoes available in their stock to be exported overseas. They include Granola, Diamond, Red Skin and Asterix potatoes which are fresh and ready to be exported overseas according to the needs of their buyers.


What Shapes of Potatoes are Available?

Jahanara Trading Corporation brings you the best potatoes available in round and oval shapes. These potatoes are fresh and collected from various farms in different parts of Bangladesh.


Potato Export is a crucial sector in our economy and the percentage of potatoes exported to different countries of the world from Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Hopefully, this export sector will gradually progress further in the years to come with quality potatoes from our country being used in cuisines from all across the globe.


So, if you are looking for a leading Potato Exporter in Bangladesh, Jahanara Trading Corporation will provide you with the best possible deal with excellent quality potato stock.

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