SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal


The SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal fully supports all your communication requirements. The integration level of the SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal makes it very easy to install in a complete communication system. The Message Terminal can be installed with the optional mounting bracket, in a console, or directly on a wall. The wheel on the mounting bracket allows for easy adjustment of the viewing angle.

The 10.4” color high-resolution TFT flatpanel and the advanced light sensor ensures a user-friendly and clear operation in any light condition. 12 softkeys on the front panel allows the user to quickly navigate through the software. The TT-3606E Message Terminal is backwards compatible with other Capsat programs.


  • GMDSS approved according to latest specifications.
  • An extremely compact and power conserving Message Terminal.
  • The TT-3606E Message Terminal is easy to install.
  • 10.4” Colour TFT high brightness flatpanel display.
  • 3.5” floppy disk drive.
  • 12 backlit softkeys allows for easy operation.
  • An advanced light sensor ensures optimal working conditions day and night.
  • Remote on/off feature.